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I Want You to Copy My 5-Figure/Month
Passive Income System for Selling “Ugly”
Products on the World’s Biggest E-Commerce Sites.
...And Do It All with Zero Ad Costs, Zero Upfront Inventory Costs AND Zero Design Costs. Here’s How...
Normally, my boyfriend would not tell me that my work was ugly. But one time he did. And while you might (fairly) guess that this story has a sad ending for him... 

Surprise! I actually took it as a compliment! I knew my new product designs were hideous and frankly, did not care. That’s because I’ve been making $10,000+ per month (in passive income!) selling mugs that have a terribly ugly design plastered on them.
I’m about to share with you exactly how I did it. But before I dip into the specifics, let me clear a few things up…
You do not need to have any previous marketing experience or skills.
You do not need to spend any money on ads, inventory or designs.
You can live anywhere in the world to copy my technique.
Sound good? Awesome!
Now, I understand if making 5-figures a month in passive income using a “no-risk, no upfront costs” technique sounds too good to be true. You’re right to question it. 
This Model Has Been Proven to Produce 5-Figures Per Month in Passive Income Time and Time Again…
This model has been replicated on multiple designs and produced similar results. Check out this screenshot from my recent sales:
Not too shabby for a passive income stream, right?

Now I will admit, I’m a bit of an ecommerce whiz. While that truly does not matter with this beginner-friendly model, these are the results from students I’ve already shared this technique with:
I should mention, these are just results from Amazon. You can broaden to other marketplaces, such as Etsy and Ebay to scale your business to incredible heights:
Okay, Now THIS is Where We Really Blow Your Mind…
Remember when I said my boyfriend called my product designs “ugly”? This is why...

Take a look at these:
This is the calibre of designs that are generating a 5-figure passive income stream. From a creative standpoint, they’re not very good. Insane, right?
And here’s another one of the mugs that is selling like crazy…
It’s just text! I mean there’s virtually no real creativity behind them. But look at this…
This is what sells. Simple, text-based designs that ANYONE could create even with no design experience.
These were created using an app that generates the design for you. You seriously do not need any graphic skills to whip up designs like this.

And even though these designs aren’t anything special, it doesn’t matter to the buyer. You see, what they’re looking for is a quick, impulse purchase. Something that will make them smile. Or even something that is reasonably cheap but makes a great “thoughtful” gift. They really are perfect presents.
Ready to Get Started? Here’s How You Can Copy
Our Results Using This Technique:
STEP 1: Come Up With a Simple Phrase
The best advice I can give you is this: don’t overcomplicate it! 

For example, one of our students was in the Starbucks drive thru and noticed a bumper sticker on the car in front of her. She went home and created a simple, text-based design of the phrase. Slapped it on a mug and listed it. The next day, she made her first sale. Easy peezy.

Remember: ideas are all around you. If you can’t think of anything, start searching funny memes or quotes. Pinterest has a load of ideas! 

The best part is that once you find a great phrase, you can recycle it for multiple niches. For example, the popular phrase, “world’s most OKAYEST mom” has been replicated a number of times to suit various niches. You can easily replace mom with daughter, father, teacher or even dog trainer. All of a sudden, you’ve just brainstormed 100+ designs from a single phrase!
STEP 2: Create a Simple Design
When it comes to this step, less is more. Simple designs sell! Download an app like ‘WordSwag’ (it’s a onetime fee of about $5) and let it do the work. 

Pro tip: Do not hire a graphic designer. You don’t need fancy designs. Simple text-based designs that you can generate in less than 60 seconds with an app are more than sufficient.
STEP 3: Put Your Design on a Mockup Image
Again… do NOT overcomplicate this step. You can sign up to Gearbubble for free and it will generate a great mockup image for you. 

Better yet, you only need to upload the design once and then you can place it on a wide variety of products. It’s the easiest way for you to diversify your product line with little to no extra work!
STEP 4: Uncover Profitable Markets by Finding Hot Keywords
To stand out in marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay or Etsy, you need to take advantage of hot keywords. Using the right keywords will allow you to dominate these online marketplaces.

You can download outside software to help you do this. However, in just a moment, I’m going to reveal a very simple tool to help you easily find these keywords.
STEP 5: List Your Product on Amazon, Ebay or Etsy
Each of these online marketplaces is spending a fortune driving traffic to their sites. My method allows you to leverage their hard work without having to pay for advertising on your own. I’m going to dive even deeper into this topic in just a second. 

Before we move on, I want you to note that nowhere in these steps do I suggest any PPC advertising. Our technique is designed to capitalize on free traffic from the marketplaces.
STEP 6: Process and Fulfill Your Orders
By following my instructions, you’re practically guaranteed to make sales. The only way you won’t make money is by failing to take action. You may not necessarily generate sales within the first hour like others have. However, by adding these simple designs to key online marketplaces, you will make sales.
Now Wait a Minute! Can We Fasttrack This Entire Process to Make It Even Simpler and Way More Hands-Off?
You bet we can!

For the sake of complete honesty here… Yes, I am going to make you an offer right now. However, I’ve specifically designed this offer to jumpstart your venture. Namely because we’re going to do pretty much all of the work for you.

Soooo.... If you’re ready to build your 5-figure/month passive income stream, read on, my friend!
Introducing The Low Hanging System: JUMPSTART Program

The Complete "DONE FOR YOU" Package that will Launch You to $10,000+/Month in Passive Income... Without Having to Pay for Expensive Advertising, Inventory or Product Design Costs!
The Low Hanging System is our official blueprint. Copied from my exact technique for taking a butt-ugly mug and turning it into a $10,000+/month passive income stream. But since this is the complete DONE FOR YOU package, I’m also going to include 3-Month Access to my Jumpstart Coaching program.
Here’s What You’ll Get Inside the Low Hanging System Digital Course + Jumpstart Coaching Program...
This is a 27-module course that is proven to generate 5-figures/month in passive income! Every module completely exposes each step of this system. All you have to do is follow the instructions and then start listing your own products. Inside this course you will find:
  •  A Quick Start Guide: There is a TON of information inside this course to make sure you’re fully equipped. But if you’re anxious to get started, this guide will show you how to get started in less than 90 minutes. That’s it! This includes detailed guides on setting up your accounts, finding design inspiration, creating your products and listing them on each marketplace. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to sell your products on Amazon, Ebay an Etsy using exactly ZERO dollars for advertising. I’m dead serious. You will not pay a single penny for PPC.
  •  Access to Picsplosion, a Software for Making Simple Designs in Minutes: Even if you have no previous design skills, I will show you how to create winning products. This includes access to Picspolosion, a desktop software that will help you easily create these designs.
  •  "Watch Me Get Sales" Case Studies: I often test different, up-to-date techniques to ensure all information in the course is current. Then, I create these case studies to report my results and how many sales I generated. That way you can easily implement these techniques into your own approach.
  •  Product Mockup Graphics: Once you have your designs created, we’ll provide you with professional mockups to help you sell even more products.
  •  Proven-to-Convert Mug Descriptions: If your writing chops aren’t super strong or if you just want to speed up this process, I also provide two 1000-word templates for writing your Amazon listing mug descriptions.
You will also get access to my "inevitable" cheat sheets and checklists. I call them "inevitable" because I always ask myself the question, "how is it inevitable that I succeed". These will help you do the same:
  •  The Design Forecaster: This allows you to lay out how many designs you need to create in order to reach your income goals. This is a key tool for helping you keep up the perfect pace of growth so you can MASSIVELY inflate your monthly passive income stream.
  •  The Inventory Management Log: This spreadsheet will allow you to keep track of all of your products and quickly scale up your business for maximum profits.
  •  The Holiday Success Blueprint: To ensure you’re able to leverage the influx of holiday traffic on each marketplace, this blueprint will break down every step you need to take. This includes my 80/20 rule for attracting sales broken down into 5 simple action steps.
...and a whole lot more! This digital course is absolutely jam-packed with winning goodies. Even if I was to stop right here and only give you this course, you would be able to start making money. But, we’re not going to stop here because this is the DONE FOR YOU package, so you’ll also get these as well...
You’ll be inducted into the official members-only Facebook group. This is not just any Facebook group. There is incredible value inside as well. Here’s what you’ll find inside the group:
  •  Daily support: We have a well-trained moderator that answers questions super quickly - I’m not sure he even sleeps! Members are also notorious for jumping in and helping one another. You will never feel alone in this process because there is so much support inside this group to help you succeed. It is phenomenal!
  •  Bonus Content & Tips: I often post up-to-date information about my own results and trends that will provide you with current outlooks in the marketplace.
  •  Member Wins: I always make a point to showcase all of the results our members are getting to inspire you. Often times, members will share this information themselves as well as their own best-kept secrets for dominating hot markets. This is a truly valuable community that is out to help one another succeed.
You could simply follow everything inside the digital course and absolutely crush it. But it’s easy to get hung up on small obstacles when something is new. So I’m going to add you into the Jumpstart Program as well. This includes…
  •  Live Weekly Coaching Calls: On these calls, I will break everything down for you and provide additional support as you begin building your monthly income stream. I also do product and listing critiques to help you polish your approach and maximize your sales.
  •  Q&A Opportunity to Pick My Brain: During each call, I host a Q&A session to answer any questions you may have. This system has been designed to be SIMPLE. Once you’re equipped with this additional coaching, there is absolutely NO reason you won’t be able to make it work.
  •  Access to Replays & Transcripts: In case you’re not able to attend every single session, I’ll provide replays as well as transcripts. You’ll never miss out on the valuable information inside these calls!
I have zero doubt that you will make money with just the contents of the digital course alone plus the Jumpstart Program. And the results I’m about to show you from our current students will clearly explain why I’m so confident.

Quick humble brag: We had to wade through a sea of 1000+ testimonials because these have been pouring in and the results are incredible. Keep in mind: these are all people who have simply followed the instructions inside the course.
It’s Obvious that this System WORKS... 

But I Wanted to Make You an Offer So INSANE That There’s Absolutely NO FREAKING WAY that You Can’t Make Money
In addition to getting full access to my digital course and the exclusive Facebook members group and bonus resources, you’re going to get everything listed here as well. This offer is MASSIVE and by far the most extreme lengths that I’ve EVER gone to make sure that you generate a profit ASAP.

Here’s everything you will get when you jump on this today:
Instead of having to waste time manually listing your products, one-by-one, on Amazon, this software will do it all at the push of a button. So you’ll instantly begin gaining exposure on the world’s largest online retailer. That is a TON of free traffic coming your way! 

All you have to do is upload your product to Gearbubble, click a button and then your product is imported to Amazon with all the pictures and description intact. Plus, every time you make a sale, the order information is automatically sent over to Gearbubble for fulfillment. Once shipped, Gearbubble will update all shipping information and tracking numbers inside Amazon. With the number of orders you’ll be getting, this feature is a huge time saver!
You will also gain lifetime access to our eBay software integration. This will allow you to take complete advantage of the hungry buyer traffic that hits ebay every single day. With a few clicks, your products will be imported into the ebay marketplace. Being able to upload your products with push-button ease will allow you to dramatically scale your business quickly!
This one is HUGE! Etsy has long been an undervalued marketplace by many sellers. However, with so many buyers browsing this marketplace every day, it has INSANE selling potential. 

That’s why I’m going to give you access to our BRAND NEW Etsy integration so you can come out of the gates HOT on this one. This integration will allow you to automate the import process and auto-fulfill your orders. This is hands-off income at its finest!
This seamless integration with dropship platforms will also allow you to automate the fulfillment process here as well. Simplicity and ease-of-use is the driving force behind this entire system. I don’t want you to ever work harder than you need to so there’s been a lot of effort put into automating most of the process for you.
$100 in Gearbubble Credits ($100 Value)
Like I said, I want to ensure you’re practically GUARANTEED to make money. I’m going to add $100 of Gearbubble credits to your account. You’ll be able to sell your first few products with ZERO product costs. That means your first sales will be 100% PURE PROFIT!

Between this bonus and access to the marketplace integrations, you’ll already be set up to win with this system. But I figured… why stop here?! So let’s keep piling on the goodies...
3-Month Access to our SpotWins web software ($297 Value)
Using this software, you’ll be able to easily search and uncover a ton of highly profitable products all across the web. With quick access to see what’s generating sales, you’ll be able to draw inspirations and replicate these results for yourself using our complete system.
3-Month Access to our SpotNiches web software ($297 Value)
The secret to everyone’s immediate success with this system is the ability to uncover HOT ‘hidden gem’ markets. This software will completely automate that process. You can easily search and discover highly profitable niches to make quick sales!
5 FREE Boxes of White Mugs Sent to FBA For You ($891 Value)
Now this is where this offer gets even more INSANE...

You’ll get 5 boxes of white mugs completely free. Then, we’re going to send them to an FBA center on your behalf. And this is ON TOP of the $100 in Gearbubble credits we’re going to give you. Together, you’re going to get $991 in FREE products to sell so you will be raking in pure profit while you get started.
And honestly, this bonus alone justifies this ENTIRE offer. But I knew I could do EVEN better for you so what the heck... let’s keep piling on the free stuff...
100 designs - DOUBLED! You'll now get 100 unique images with both black AND white text. You'll have 100 "Ready To Upload" White Mugs AND 100 "Ready To Upload" For Black Shirts ($1000+ value)
I don’t want you to stress about coming up with profitable designs so we’re going to take care of that for you too. So you can either request a custom design or pick out something from our master design file. Then, my team will design it for you.

Since you can recycle these designs to use on all kinds of different products (ie. mugs, necklaces, t-shirts, etc.), you’ll end up with 1000+ custom products to sell. You won’t have any shortage while scaling your business!
As you may or may not know shirts sell WAY more units than mugs. Recently Amazon "ungated" the clothing category. Which is a fancy way of saying any seller can sell in the clothing category. So now YOU can sell in the clothing category.

You can also easily dominate any Merch On Demand seller on Amazon because our shirts are cheaper so you can price more competitively and our tier is unlimited so you can scale far further than any other shirt seller currently on Amazon.

This is truly an incredible bonus and will allow you to have an unbeatable competitive advantage with selling shirts on Amazon.
WOW!!! Time to breathe… that was a TON of free bonuses to get through!
Just in Case You Lost Track… That’s Over $8000+ in FREE Bonuses that You’ll Get TODAY!
Altogether, you’ll be getting a complete package with a REAL LIFE VALUE OF OVER $11,000!!!

Like I said… this is by far the most FOOLPROOF offer I’ve ever put together to nearly guarantee that you will make money using this system. 

The only reason I can’t guarantee that you’ll make money is because of… well… you. This entire offer has been designed to jumpstart your passive income stream while we do 98% of the heavy lifting. And while I can’t force you to take advantage of this offer right now (which is the only reason I can’t guarantee that you’ll make money!), that is the only thing stopping you from achieving your monthly income goals. 

With only the 5 FREE boxes of white mugs we’re sending to FBA for you, this alone justifies the ENTIRE cost of our absolutely INSANE offer.
Think about it for a moment…

You’ll get 180 FREE mugs inside those boxes. I have tested a $19.95 price point enough times to know that these mugs will sell for that price. That’s because these mugs will be on Amazon and listed with the “Prime” label. Our research has shown that people will pay the $19.95 price point in order to get their mugs shipped via Amazon prime.

So if you sell your mugs at $19.95/each, and subtract $6.20 for Amazon fulfillment costs, you’ll earn $13.75 of profit per mug.

$13.75 * 180 = $2475 in take-home profit from just these mugs!

Right Off the Bat, You’ll Make $2475 in PURE PROFIT Just From the Sale of the Free Mugs We’re Giving to You
That doesn’t even include the other $100 credit towards free Gearbubble products we’re giving you, the 100 FREE designs, and the slew of incredible free bonuses. You absolutely CANNOT lose here.

With so much value in this offer, we could easily charge upwards of $5000 for the entire package. And honestly, the course would STILL pay for itself given all the money you stand to make.

So you will be SHOCKED to find out our Low Hanging System is ONLY a…
$2000, One Time Fee Today. That’s it. That’s All!
Click the button below to get instant access to our most MASSIVE offer to date!
Look… This system simply works. The proof is in the daily flow of testimonials that hit my inbox daily. The only thing stopping you from generating your monthly passive income stream from my Low Hanging System + Jumpstart Program is one simple action step: hitting that buy button above.

I cannot WAIT to hear how quickly you sell your first mug!

-Rachel Rofe
P.S. Due to the MEGA nature of this unique, one-of-a-kind offer, we are only offering this for a limited time. Even though this course will pay for itself in a matter of weeks, I understand the cost of entry is no small feat. So to ensure the success of everyone who takes advantage, we’re limiting access to this offer. Once the door closes, it will no longer be available.
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